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  • Oven Cleaning Company Warrington

    Premier Oven Clean has been providing professional oven cleaning services to residential, commercial and industrial clients across Warrington and the surrounding areas, since 2000. We provide a dedicated, reliable service that restores sparkle and shine to your oven, no matter how old or used, allowing you to enjoy your kitchen once more.

    In order to completely clean an oven, no matter how big it is or how dirty or un-hygienic it may look, we use only bespoke, high-powered and 100% caustic-free cleaning solutions. Our techniques and machines are industry leading and exclusive only to us.

    Cleaning the Oven – a Thing of the Past

    Cleaning the oven is widely reported as one of the nation’s least favourite household chores.  We understand how without the right tools or cleaning solutions, this essential to-do can feel like a mammoth task. Tackling the dreaded grime, grease and dried-on food that builds up inside your oven can feel overwhelming, which is why it’s so common to continue to put it off for weeks to come.

    However, dirty ovens can be a hazard to your health, not to mention tainting fresh dishes with the aroma of burnt-on grease. Some of the benefits of cleaning your oven regularly are:

    • Better tasting food that is cooked more evenly
    • Lower energy usage and therefore lower electricity/gas bills (a clean oven will reach optimum temperature much more quickly, meaning food is cooked faster)
    • Lower risk of cancer (studies have shown that burnt or charred foods could cause cancerous compounds, which could end up being transferred to fresh food from the insides of your dirty oven)
    • Reduced fire risk (burnt-on food can produce smoke if left to heat up over time, and internal oven fans can become clogged with grease).

    It’s understandable that spending a chunk of time scrubbing with intoxicating supermarket cleaning agents wouldn’t be at the top of anybody’s priorities. But by hiring a professional cleaning service like Premier Oven Clean, you can have a gleaming, showroom-quality oven in just a couple of hours, without needing to lift a finger.

    All you need to do is give us a call, and results can last up to 6-12 months.

    High Quality Oven Cleaning Contractors in Warrington

    Since our humble beginnings, we have expertly honed our unique cleaning system to provide only the best results, testing the latest developments and refining our processes over the last 20 years. We use some of the industry’s most cutting edge technology, combining it with advances in chemical treatments and the experiences gained from thousands of different cleaning scenarios to achieve the best results.

    Therefore you can be sure that when we come to clean your oven we will give it the absolute best treatment within the shortest amount of time, allowing you to start utilising your newly cleaned oven more-or-less straight away. As well as thorough cleaning, speed and efficiency are also important to us, as we realise the busy schedules of our customers may make it difficult to spare more than a couple of hours a day.

    Another aspect of our service is the use of safe, toxic-free cleaning agents, to ensure your home stays clean, fresh and fume-free. When we clean any type of oven (regardless of location, size or model), we use only the best caustic-free cleaning solutions, so as not to contaminate surfaces or aggravate allergies. In this way, we make our cleaning service one of the most accessible and worry-free.

    What Can We Clean?

    Premier Oven Clean cater to a range of different ovens, including:

    • Domestic Ovens
    • Commercial Ovens
    • Ranges
    • Aga cookers
    • Pizza Ovens
    • Baking Ovens
    • Hobs
    • Microwaves
    • Grills
    • Kilns
    • Outdoor Barbecues
    • Extractor fans.

    If you feel your oven or appliance is in need of a deep clean (or perhaps just isn’t working as effectively as it once was), then give us a call on 01695 247 754. One of our specialist technicians will give you call back as soon as possible.

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